Putin ‘probably’ involved in assassinations, President Donald Trump says

In AN interview with hour, President Trump said Russian President Vladimir Putin is probably concerned in assassinations, but not within the u. s..

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson denied Kremlin involvement in assassinations and poisonings of Russian dissidents when President Donald Trump same that Putin was “probably” concerned in guiding them.

The Trump administration expelled sixty Russian diplomats and closed a diplomatic building in Seattle as a part of a coordinated response by Western allies following the attacks.

On hour Sunday night, Trump argued that the poisonings occurred overseas, however the Washington Post reports that this mysterious attack isn’t at an isolated incident, and a minimum of one Vladimir Putin critic’s death occurred within the u. s.. Mikhail Lesin, a former ally of Vladimir Putin, was found dead in Washington D.C. in 2015. The death was originally dominated an accident, however BuzzFeed News reports some intelligence officers question this conclusion.

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