Maria Vasilievna Shukshina, Мари́я Васи́льевна Шукшина́; born 27 March 1967, is a Russian actress. Her film credits embrace Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus (2010), Bury me Behind the moulding (2009) and american daughter (1995). Her tv credits embrace pricey Masha Berezina (2004), Take me with You (2008) and McMafia (2018). She hosted the show wait for me on Channel One Russia and was a member of the judgement panel on Minute of Fame.

Maria Shukshina’s Sun Sign: Gemini, Age: 51 Years and Height: 1.80 M

After graduating from highschool Maria entered the college of translators of the Institute of Foreign Languages named after Morris Torrez, and when graduation worked as a translator and broker on Russian raw materials exchange. But, as they assert, there’s no thanks to escape fate.

In the mid-1990s, Maria Shukshina starred in many in style photos. In Karen Shakhnazarov’s film american daughter (1995), the actress vie a sensible and tough-minded businessperson, UN agency flees from her husband together with her young daughter to America. in the same year Shukshina vie an analogous role film What an exquisite Game by Pyotr Todorovsky where Maria appeared as a pretty student UN agency, while not hesitation, hands over her classmates to state security agencies.

In the early 2000s in Alla Surikova’s comedy television series Perfect Couple the actress played a brief role of a journalist who interviews Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Maria had a lead role in Vsevolod Shilovsky’s television series People and Shadows: The Secrets of the Puppet Theater (2001).

In the 2004 television series Dear Masha Berezina played Katya, who independently tries to make a career in the modeling business.

In the serial film Brezhnev, the actress appears as Nina Korovyakova, the last romantic interest of Leonid Brezhnev, a woman who had a certain influence on the omnipotent general secretary.

In the popular melodramatic series Take me with you (2008) Maria played the main role – Maria Karetnikova, a rich woman, disillusioned with her life of luxury.

She received the ‘Nika’ award, which is regarded as the Russian equivalent of the ‘Academy Award,’ for the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in 2009, for ‘Bury Me Behind The Baseboard.’

She received the honorary tile of ‘Meritorious Artist of Russia’ for her contribution to the arts.

She has 4 children, a daughter and three sons: daughter Anna Tregubenko (born.1989) from her first husband Artyom Tregubenko, son Makar Kasatkin (born.1998) from her second husband Aleksey Kasatkin, and twin sons, Foma Vishnyakov and Foka Vishnyakov (born.2005), from her ex-boyfriend Boris Vishnyakov.

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