Lyanka Georgievna Gryu, Ля́нка Гео́ргиевна Гры́у, Lyanka Gryu was born in Moscow, Russia. Her expertise in TV and cinema has been actually distinctive from the very start: she has been working as an actress since the age of 4 once she landed her 1st lead in the award-winning European film Odin (based on the story by Ray Bradbury).

Lyanka Gryu’s Height: 5’9″, Weight: 120 lbs, Hair: Dark Blonde and Eyes: Brown

At 6 she was cast as a primetime ‘Tic-Tac’ children television program anchor – and led it for three years. when Lyanka was 8 years old she played a role within the little princess movie, that brought her the most effective Supporting Role and the Best female Actor awards.

From twelve till 17 she played lead roles in numerous theatrical plays, but what created her a nationwide star was the role in 2005’s fated To Become A Star TV series that jump-started her career as a immature star histrion.

In Russia, as probably, in any country, to become a star is extraordinarily difficult. And one in all the explanations is that there’s no institute of stars. So, promising young actresses travel from one project to another, and, by the way, simply causing irritation with their constant appearance on the screen. Besides, some of them can just stay somewhere behind the industry. In fact, the actor relies on proposals from directors. But, because it turns out, most often they receive them from not experienced directors of ne’er launched films, or never released projects.

In addition, the actor becomes the victim of serials that offer income, which don’t continually guarantee an interesting and vital career in future. this text is regarding the most interesting and promising actresses of Russian cinema. and that we hope, we will see them on the screens in the coming back years. And, of course, it’s impossible in a very single publication to spotlight all the young actresses in Russia, and there’s only a small part of them.

Having become a real listing star in Russia, Lyanka was cast for a motion picture The return Of Musketeers as D’Artagnan’s daughter – Jaqueline. Her next success – the lead in Golden, TV series by TNT channel and have film PG 16 – created her a superstar among the young and young adult audiences in Russia.

In 2013 she won period, prime-time skating TV program competition, where she was paired with Maxim Marinin – Olympic, World, and five-time European skating Champion.

And the 2014’s box-office hit feature Some prefer it Cold had proven her standing of a bankable star in her homeland and made Lyanka decide to move to the United States to continue her acting career in the heart of the globe movie industry.

She moved to N.Y. and so to l. a. and with success started a brand new stage of her career. A Russian-American actress is known for her roles in the Americans (seasons five & vi, FX network), police procedural Blue Bloods (season 7, CBS) and psychological adventure story feature impossible Monsters written concerning in the Hollywood reporter. Her roles within the short films Watch me and 9.8m/s2 (premiered at Cannes Film Festival) have brought pageant awards and nominations: Best actress (Queen Palm IFF, London city IFF), Best Film (Queen Palm IFF), Best Drama (New York Shorts IFF) & others.

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