Crimea bloodbath: Terrorist attack on college student in mask shooting at people

Two eyewitnesses in Kerch faculty have told reporter there was intensive shooting round the time a bomb explosion in a college, with multiple masked gunmen running round the building and killing students.

“There was a blast, all the glasses shattered. and so armed folks started running around, opening doors and shooting at everybody,” a college teacher told the investigators, according to a reporter source in the enforcement.

A student told newsman he saw masked men armed with assault rifles running out from a worker room simply when the blast.

“There were several of them, but i am unable to say what percentage. They shot at students and lecturers, everybody in their way. I doubt they hit several, I saw one or 2 folks. They were additionally agitated explosives,”

A college worker, Natalya, who spoke to reporter when being treated for an injury in hospital, said the gunmen probably entered through the rear door.

The fence there can be simply climbed over. there’s no camera either, no secure door, she said.

The blast happened on the bottom floor of the building, while the shot occurred on the second floor, witnesses said.

According to preliminary reports, the attack started with a strong blast from an jury-rigged explosive device, that was filled with metal fragments to maximise morbidity. The attack resulted in a minimum of 17 folks being killed and 47 others wounded.

A CCTV image showing a person holding an outsized gun while coming back down a stairwell has surfaced on social media, with reports saying it shows the suspect behind the act of terrorism on a college within the Crimean town of Kerch.

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