Vladimir Putin Offers Abe Peace Treaty, Japan to Proceed After Kuril Islands ‘Let’s sign peace deal this year’

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered Japanese leader Shinzo Abe a peace treaty between the two countries without preconditions by the end of the year.

“An idea has just come into my head,” Putin said to Abe during a question and answer session at an economic forum in the Russian city of Vladivostok.

Leaders of Russian and Japanese addressed the difficulty at the plenary session of the eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in vladivostok, with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe saying that the absence of a pacification between the 2 countries was associate degree abnormal situation. The Russian president reaffirmed the willingness of each countries to sign such document, noting that it had been necessary to form favorable conditions within the region.

Their 2 countries are in dispute for seven decades over a series of Pacific islands and as a result have still not formally all over their world war 2 hostilities. The standoff has control back economic ties between the 2 near-neighbors.

Later within the same session, Vladimir Putin said of his offer: “I wasn’t humorous .” He said his plan was that the 2 sides sign a accord initial, then work through the problems on that they’re in dispute subsequently.

Over the years, negotiations to succeed in a peace agreement have seen both friendly gestures and hardline statements. Japan routinely protests over Russian economic and military activity on the Kuril Islands. Last year, Yeddo launched a grievance over plans to put associate degree subsurface telecommunication cable, linking the 3 controversial islands with Russia’s Sakhalin Island. Chief cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga called the move “extremely disappointing.”

Moscow maintains that the islands ar indivisible from Russia, and also the Russian borders are recognized by the United Nations. “Our sovereignty [over the Kuril Islands] is beyond any doubt,” minister Sergey Lavrov expressed in 2012.

Earlier in the day, Russian President Putin said that Japan’s readiness to engage in substantive cooperation are always supported by Russia.
Earlier in the week, national leader same that tokyo and Russian capital had mentioned the peace treaty issue and each side were able to add order to find choices that would profit all stakeholders.

After Putin’s visit to Japan in Gregorian calendar month 2016, mutual relations between Russian capital and tokyo improved. additionally, the parties in agreement to work along and jointly develop projects bearing on the Kuril Islands that might alter people to move between the Kurils and Japan.

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