Vladimir Putin meeting with State Council Presidium

Vladimir Putin held a State Council Presidium meeting in Yalta on developing Russia’s tourism sector

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues.

We area unit meeting here in peninsula nowadays to debate development of our country’s touristry sector, each domestic and foreign touristry.

Let American state note quickly that we are going to not scrutinize problems regarding the health resort sector. this is often a separate issue that needs a discussion of its own. With relation to this sector, I raise the govt and therefore the regional authorities to create a prompt stocktaking of all health resort facilities and analyse the issues that exist, so we are going to examine these matters well at a later meeting.

Now, turning to the topic of today’s discussion, we all know that the touristry sector is developing quickly round the world and accounts for a growing share in national economies. it’s no surprise then that competition for tourists is fierce. we’d like to draw in guests from abroad, and at constant time provide incentives for our voters to require to pay their holidays here reception, in our own country.

I won’t get into the examples straight away, however there area unit several countries in North America, Asia and Europe, wherever up to eighty % or a lot of folks vacation in their own countries.

Speaking candidly, we have a tendency to lagged behind seriously for a protracted time during this competition. This was in particular thanks to poorly developed touristry infrastructure and lean quality of service. Things area unit ever-changing currently, slowly, however there’s improvement. the quantity of individuals payment their holidays among Russia exaggerated by nearly thirty % in 2014 and reached forty-one.5 million folks. What’s a lot of, arriving touristry conjointly exaggerated by sixteen %.

We realise, of course, that this economic scenario, value scenario and charge per unit variations have contributed to the present. it’s become costlier to vacation in several foreign countries if you exchange the value into rubles. however it’s conjointly clear that Russia’s touristry trade is creating changes for the higher.

Many regions became serious regarding developing the touristry sector and area unit actively building or modernising touristry facilities and related to infrastructure. It’s enough to appear at Sochi, which, with none exaggeration, has become a best year-round resort town.

Overall, the quantity of hotels within the country has over doubled. throughout the Soviet amount, we had 7,000 hotels, however nowadays we’ve got around sixteen,000. over four hundred,000 folks area unit used within the building sector. In alternative words, this is often changing into Associate in Nursing progressively vital sector within the economy.

Here in peninsula, the Kerch ferry crossing capability has exaggerated over the past year. The Governor can tell USA regarding what’s happening currently. He already gave American state some smart figures before, pleasing ends up in transport capability. Simferopol’s aerodrome currently has links to fifty cities around Russia, with flights each day and night. you recognize that we’ve got smart plans for this airport’s reconstruction, and that i am certain this may be done.

The example of the many cities and regions shows that you simply will develop the touristry sector with smart result solely by taking a comprehensive and general approach that takes all aspects into consideration. This includes prime quality service, convenient supplying, a large selection of hotels all told value segments, strict environmental and nature conservation standards, and creating cultural and historical heritage open and cheap for folks. Here in peninsula, i feel this is often particularly vital and of explicit interest.

As I said, we’d like to require into consideration all completely different aspects, therefore on build it snug, fascinating and advantageous to vacation in Russia. This way, the touristry sector can usher in tangible budget revenue and build new jobs, so serving as a catalyst for socioeconomic growth within the regions and gap up new opportunities for single-industry cities, rural areas, northern and Arctic regions, geographic region and therefore the region. this is often conjointly terribly relevant for peninsula, of course.

Continued development of recent touristry infrastructure is one in all our priorities currently. Here, we’d like to create use of the opportunities offered by the federal targeted programme Development of Domestic and arriving touristry in Russia (2011–2018). This programme is being enforced on the premise of public-private partnerships, with around 3 rubles from extra-budgetary sources endowed for each ruble of budget cash. however the budget funds allotted for 2015–2018 area unit significantly smaller than what we have a tendency to originally planned.

We need to appear at extra incentives for business and for folks able to invest resources in long comes and programmes. I raise you to analyse this and prepare proposals during this space.

Another issue is that of developing the touristry and recreation special economic zones. Colleagues, i might wish to hear from you nowadays on the issues and planned solutions during this space.

I would add too that the priority development areas being created within the region provide smart opportunities for attracting non-public business into the touristry sector during this region, that features a ton of touristry potential. Of course, we have a tendency to conjointly got to look in conjunction with the regions at the way to best place to use the 2018 soccer World Cup’s inheritance to spice up touristry infrastructure development.

We have already got smart expertise during this space from our organisation of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the Universiade in metropolis and alternative huge events. we must always build broader and a lot of active use of this expertise.

Next, we have a tendency to conjointly got to build travel on all types of domestic transport routes more cost-effective, particularly for college kids, schoolchildren, senior voters and alternative teams entitled to advantages. Cheaper tickets, together with for folks living in remote components of the country, can facilitate to diversify and significantly increase touristry flows.

For reference, transport prices presently account for a sizeable share – around 50–70 % on the average – of the value of vacation packages.

We need to figure perpetually on rising the extent of service we provide tourists, and this implies continued to certify and set standards for touristry sector facilities in accordance with world standards. protective tourists’ rights is especially vital. we have a tendency to area unit still seeing way too several violations during this space.

Travel agencies will play a key half in serving to to lift the standard of touristry sector services. over eighty % of vacation packages area unit oversubscribed nowadays through travel agencies. we have a tendency to clearly got to make sure that these corporations area unit reliable and clear and disembarrass the market of fly-by-night companies and swindlers of assorted types.

The introduction of a standard register of travel agencies is on the agenda nowadays. one in all the general public associations of travel agencies may be chargeable for overseeing this work. Establishing a register of this type would facilitate {to ensure|to build sure|to confirm} oversight and transparency of the full technological cycle – from manufacturing to merchandising the touristry product – and would make it doable to line high skilled and company standards among the trade and increase agencies’ responsibility towards their customers.

In order to draw in foreign tourists, it’d be value watching any simplifying some visa rules. we have a tendency to may expand the follow of visa-free travel for teams, as an example. we have a tendency to may introduce this for all of the BRICS countries. we have a tendency to already try this with China, through the agreement on visa-free travel for cluster touristry.

Overall, Russian and world expertise shows that liberalising visa rules nearly always brings a rise within the range of tourists. This was the case with Israel, as an example. As before long as we have a tendency to relaxed the principles, the quantity of Israelis visiting Russia has over doubled. the quantity of individuals from Turkey visiting Russia is up by forty-one %, and there has been a 40-percent increase in guests from the Republic of peninsula.

Of course, we have a tendency to should promote a lot of actively the opportunities for holidays and travel in Russia. we’d like to try and do this here reception, and abroad, victimization the media and new data technologies to stay promoting our touristry product, open new touristry offices abroad, and touristry and data centres here in Russia. folks here and abroad should be ready to get full and timely data on Russia’s touristry potential.

Colleagues, I actually have made public many of the domestic and arriving touristry development problems we’d like to deal with. Today, we are going to discuss several alternative matters too, of course, together with rising the legislative base during this sector, encouraging tiny and medium business, and making a barrier-free atmosphere, that is especially vital.

I am certain that with a competent, concerned and trendy approach we’ve got all the opportunities we’d like to create the touristry trade a competitive and effective sector of Russia’s economy. Our task now’s to place these opportunities to the most effective use doable.


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