Russia pension protests: police arrest hundreds protesting against Putin pension plan

Nearly 300 protesters were detained and some beaten with batons, the rights monitoring group OVD-info says.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets on Sunday in dozens of cities and cities when Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin critic, necessitated nationwide rallies against the pension reforms. Navalny was unfree for thirty days on twenty five August on a separate protest-related charge during a move that he aforementioned was geared toward preventing him from leading the rallies on Sunday.

In Moscow, wherever protesters gathered on the city’s painting Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin sq., about 2,500 individuals unnoticed police warnings to disperse. They musical “Putin may be a thief!” and “No increase within the pension age!” though the demonstration was mostly peaceful, violence erupted once some protesters tried to march towards parliament, wherever they were overwhelmed back by police with truncheons.

The protests came as Russian capital command civil authority elections that the Kremlin-backed incumbent, Sergei Sobyanin, was expected to win simply. Critics suspect officers of expulsion real opposition candidates. Russians conjointly visited the polls in regional elections.

Authorities didn’t offer permission for the overwhelming majority of the protests and a few Russians told the Guardian they’d stayed away as a result of they feared arrest. Dozens of members of Navalny’s opposition movement were detained before the events on charges of organising nonlegal rallies.

Earlier, Navalny’s aides condemned Google when it removed his adverts from YouTube urging Russians to protest against the pension changes.

Russian officers sent a letter to Google last month asking it to dam Navalny’s videos as a result of it aforementioned they were nonlegal beneath the country’s election laws, that bar political crusade twenty four hours before elections.

“All that point they assured United States of America there wouldn’t in any circumstance be an increase within the pension age. And currently they’re golf stroke it up.”
Mr statesman has aforementioned the move to lift the retirement age for men and ladies had been delayed for years and risked inflicting inflation and increasing poorness.
“Any more delay would be flighty,” he said.
Unions have but warned that several won’t live long enough to say a pension.
Tens of thousands have rallied across Russia in recent weeks. outstandingly for the country, the difficulty has drawn protesters from all sides of the political discussion.


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