Vladimir Putin Gets Love From New State TV Show as Poll Ratings Sign

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been dedicated his own television show on the country’s state-run television channel, a move that comes during a controversial pension reform and a lull in the longtime leader’s ratings.

The first episode of “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin.” ventilated Sunday on the Rossiya-1 station, showcasing the Russian president’s activities within the past week. Scenes showed Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin onerous at add strings of conferences and conjointly kicking back with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu whereas on vacation in geographic area. The hour-long show enclosed a discussion with Kremlin voice Dmitry Peskov, World Health Organization was needing to highlight Putin’s sympathy and affectionateness for the youth also because the remainder of the population.

“Putin doesn’t solely love kids, he loves individuals normally,” Peskov told host Vladimir Soloviev, in line with The national capital Times. “He’s a awfully human person.”

A day before the episode airing, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin visited the winners of international student competitions and academics at the Sirius academic center within the Black Sea town of Sochi. once asked if he ever unreal of being president as a toddler, the 65-year-old former spy 1st jokingly told his audience that “of course” he did which “slept and saw it,” before locution that, in reality, he failed to and questioned if that will be attainable.

“I cannot say that I had a turbulent childhood, however principally it had been a smart childhood with tons of free time,” Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin same, in line with the state-run Tass Russian news organization. The sport black belt highlighted the role that his friends and teammates compete throughout his youth, locution that “this is of nice importance.”

The first hour-long episode of “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” broadcast in time on Rossiya-1 TV on Sunday featured breathless comment on Putin’s conferences and visits within the past week, as well as footage of him on vacation in geographic area and meeting with students in Sochi. A discussion on a contentious pension reform that has bent Putin’s quality praised the president’s sense of responsibility in attempt the problem, whereas failing to say protests attended by thousands of Russians in major cities.

“Putin doesn’t solely love kids, he loves individuals normally,” Kremlin interpreter Dmitry Peskov told host Vladimir Soloviev throughout a phase on the president’s perspective to Russia’s young. “He’s a awfully human person.”

Peskov, World Health Organization conjointly same that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, 65, exercises for ninety minutes daily, same the program would conceive to show however the president’s week went. The new addition to the program schedule appeared at the same time as state TV’s daily news broadcasts ar already dominated by coverage of Putin’s activities. It debuted as Putin’s quality has unerect to its lowest in seven years over the proposal to boost the pension ages for men and ladies.

Some eighty nine p.c of Russians oppose the arrange, in line with a Levada Center poll in July, that conjointly found that Putin’s approval rating had fallen to sixty seven p.c from seventy nine p.c in might. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin wanted to appease public anger by softening aspects of the reform in a very televised address to the state last week.

A report on Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin hiking and yachting in Russia’s remote Tuva Republic with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu emphasised his good shape, a topic conjointly stressed by the TV channel’s correspondent appointed to accompany the president on visits as he reticulated the country from geographic area through national capital to Sochi on the Black Sea.

“I don’t extremely perceive however such a schedule is maintained, such a marathon,” marveled Pavel Zarubin to Soloviev. “It’s physically terribly troublesome.”

The president, in agreement Soloviev, “is in nice physical form.”

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