Russian Defense Forces are Adding a Silent-but-Deadly Mortar System to Their Arsenal

Russian special operations forces are adding a silent-but-deadly new weapon to their arsenal. According to a report from Jane’s 360, the Russian Ministry of Defense plans on acquiring new “silenced” mortar systems to help its commandos remain undetected downrange.

The Jane’s report, revealed throughout Russia’s Army 2018 defense exposition at the tip of August, indicates that Russia’s spetsnaz special operations forces can get their hands on “several dozen” 2B25 “silent” 82mm mortar system designed by the Burevestnik Institute within the returning months.

According to Jane’s supply, the 2B25’s amplitude “does not exceed that of a submachine gun AKMB automatic fitted with the PBS-1 silencer,” whereas the system itself “produces virtually no muzzle flash or smoke.” Here square measure a number of the technical details, per The combat area :

From the skin, the 30-pound mortar doesn’t look out of the normal and it functions within the same manner as several different trendy varieties. a private inserts the mortar bomb into the tube so pulls a handle-shaped trigger to fireplace it. The shooter aims the weapon by exploitation associate optical sight and adjusting the angle of the barrel.

Where the 2B25 is special is in its 3VO35 82mm ammunition. a standard mortar bomb includes a propellant charge in its tail and troops will usually attach supplemental charges to extend its vary. The detonation of those explosives forces the projectile out of the barrel and sends it down vary.

While the small print stay scant on the far side The War Zone’s glorious analysis (seriously, read it), a mortar system with the sound level of a suppressed AK-47 would prove a significant boon to special operations forces by reducing the visual and modality indicators which may make known their firing position.

At an equivalent time, it’s no huge whoops in terms of technological advances. A report from the Defense Technical data Center from manner back in 1991 disclosed that the U.S. Army had some unconventional suppressor systems of its own specifically for 105mm and 120mm howitzers used at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

But within the Army’s case, the “howitzer silencer” wasn’t developed for strategic reasons. As we tend to square measure The Mighty discovered, the system was supposed to scale back the unquiet boom of fire thus taxpayers in neighboring communities might set about their lives in peace.

With silenced mortar systems on the horizon, maybe the Pentagon ought to think about dusting these unhealthy boys off simply just in case.


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