Putin invites Kim Jong-un to Russia as heavyweights to meet for first time

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un will meet as soon as possible after the North Korean leader sent a direct message to the Russian president after meeting one of his top allies Valentina Matvienko.

Mativienko said: “Kim Jong-un confirmed he’s prepared and willing to form a political candidate visit to Russia
“He same he doesn’t wish to delay the visit.

“He said: ‘Meeting the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is incredibly vital to Maine, we should always discuss the strategy and prospects of our cooperation, I in fact would conjointly wish to discuss variety of vital queries of the worldwide agenda’.”

Matvienko conjointly same she had passed a message from President national leader to Kim Jong-un  however failed to reveal the contents of the letter.
Russia and North Korea share atiny low come close Putin’s nations sea-coast  with a frontier of simply eleven miles.

Vladimir Putin has been looking at the nuclear war threats between Kim Jong-un and therefore the America closely amid fears Russia may well be drawn into a conflict.
Reports emerged last year national capital was causing troops to its east border to affect a possible conflict.

Fears loomed a war with North Korea may send thousands of refugees spilling into Russia.
After their meeting in national capital, Valentina Matvienko discovered that Kim Jong-un are going to be unable to go to Russia’s Far East for the forum because of a busy operating schedule and forthcoming talks with the country’s southern neighbors. However, a North Korean delegation can attend the event.

Kim is set to unite to the 2 Koreas, in keeping with Russia’s higher house chair. once the face-to-face meeting with the North’s leader, she same that his commitment to peace on the Korean Peninsula isn’t simply “protocol speak,” and he’s doing his best to make sure it succeeds. The leader conjointly believes that Russia plays a “vitally important” role in crisis resolution within the region, in keeping with Valentina Matvienko.

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